At Connectron, we find it important to be able to offer our customers everything they need to build a network. That’s why we like to do what we do best: delivering high-quality products in the area of network infrastructures. By doing so, we want to be able to help our customers in the best possible way. We want to be able to deliver when needed and assist the customer with advice and assistance. With our specialist approach and high-quality products, we do everything we can to maintain our long-term relationships.  

This is why Connectron offers various forms of services in addition to our very complete product range. This makes us the ideal partner to work with in every phase of your project. Below you can read which services we offer in addition to our wide range, so please read on.

Supplier of network components

Connectron distinguishes itself by offering a wide range of high-quality products. This includes the fact that we are suppliers in the field of network components. We are happy to explain what network components entail and how we can help you more.

A network is a system of interconnected devices, such as computers, servers, and routers, that can communicate with each other and exchange data. For a network to function properly, it depends on several important components. This includes hubs, switches, routers, cables, and connectors. In general, these components work together to allow devices on a network to exchange data and communicate with each other. Something that is becoming increasingly important in the current IT landscape. In addition, without these components, networks would not function properly.

At Connectron you will find a wide range of different types of network components. We are happy to supply only high-quality products and sound advice. Therefore, take a look at our products, other services or contact us. We are happy to help you, also in the field of network components.

Support abroad

For Connectron no request is too small, and we express this in our support abroad service. We are happy to help our customers abroad where necessary. With our support abroad service we try to unburden and relief our customers during the project completion phase. This extra service is there to help you finish your abroad project as good as possible. 

Connectron will go an ‘extra mile’ to save you time on site. Our support abroad service consists of two phases:

  • Connectron comes in towards the end of your project and cleans up on site. This includes removing any rubbish and making sure that everything, where possible, is recycled and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.
  • Connectron collects any remaining products that are no longer required.

By offering this service we would like to take care of the little but important things. Therefore, you can concentrate on delivering and completing your project to the best extent. Are you willing to make use of our support abroad service? Or are you interested in our products and other services? Do not hesitate and contact us, we are happy to help you. 

Rental of Fluke Networks measurement equipment

Are you planning to install a network system? Then it is important that you have the network properly tested. Connectron owns high-quality measuring equipment from Fluke Networks. This brand is committed to solving network issues. Fluke Networks’ products provide thorough insight that makes it easy to identify network-related developments. The user-friendly interface makes testing your network very easy.

At Connectron, we enjoy working with Fluke Networks products. Therefore, it is possible to rent this high-quality network measurement equipment for a specified period. Are you interested in renting measurement equipment? If so, please be sure to contact us.

Technical advice

The technical development of the digital world is moving fast and is far from stopping. It can therefore be difficult to keep track of all the new technologies and possibilities. Fortunately, we at Connectron are always up to date, so we are happy to help you with all your technical questions. Do you have questions about a specific product? Are you not sure whether certain products go well together? Or do you need other technical advice? You can contact our expert staff at any time. 

Your technical issue inspires us, which is why we will always provide you with professionally measured advice. May we help you further with your technical questions? Then please contact us or request a consultation.

Training of technicians

As promised, Connectron is the ideal collaborative partner at every stage of your project. In addition to having a wide range of products, we also offer training courses in which we teach mechanics how to handle our concepts. For example, our training courses cover exactly how to install a data network. Because our trainers are knowledgeable about all our products and concepts, you are assured of proper training. This allows the technicians to start their work immediately after the training.

Because Connectron can also contribute to the transfer of knowledge, we offer the total concept. May we help you further in the field of training? Please contact us, we are at your service.


In addition to our range of individual products, we also offer prefabricated solutions. Are you looking for customized products? Then we will be happy to help you. When you choose prefabrication, you save a lot of valuable time. Thanks to our high-quality prefab department, we can provide products such as patch cables, prefabricated fiber optic cables and much more. For example, we can also help you build panels.

Do you want to save time and be guaranteed good products? Then choose one of our prefabricated solutions. Be sure to request a consultation or contact us for more information on prefabrication.

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