Excel 10 Way Vert PDU 10x UK Socket UK Plug Filtered

The Excel Surge Protected Power Distrubution Units are an extensive range of professional grade power distribution units designed specifically for the 19″ electronic enclosure markets. These units feature an on‐board protection system to guard against surges, spikes and other mains borne transients. Each unit comprises a high quality aluminium extruded housing into which are loaded up to 12 sockets. In this particular range each socket is UK style, manufactured in accordance with the BS1363 standard, the 3 metre input lead is terminated with a 13Amp rated 3 pin BS1363 plug top. The sockets are mounted at a 45 degree angle on the vertical PDUs and a 90 degree angle on the vertical PDUs to aid with cable management. The range of available units includes 19″ horizontally mounted, and higher density vertical mounted options, each unit contains a fully shrouded switch to control input power (except 6 Way horizontal).

  • Mounting direction: Vertical
  • Electrical connection: Connecting cord with plug
  • Type of electric plug connection: British Standard (BS1363)
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Number of UK BS1363 sockets: 10
  • Rack units: 0U

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