Excel 1P Vert Int PDU (INT1) 16x UK Left Socket 16A EN60309 3m Bottom-fed

The Excel Intelligent INT1 is designed to provide local and remote overall power monitoring and is available with up to 48 sockets with any combination of socket type including UK, Schuko, C13, C19 etc. The Excel Intelligent INT1 can work as an individual master or run as a master and slave system. One master can have up to 31 slaves, all from one IP address, reducing the requirement for multiple IP addresses. The Excel Intelligent INT1 comes with free software making it a highly competitive solution allowing the user to monitor and report on up to 50 IP addresses with the software. In theory it is possible to have up to 1600 PDU’s each with up to 48 outlets per PDU, all from one free software licence.

  • Mounting direction: Vertical
  • Electrical connection: Connecting cord with plug
  • Type of electric plug connection: 16 Amp - EN6039 Style (BS4343)
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Number of UK BS1363 sockets: 16
  • Rack units: 0U

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