Excel IPLite Vert PDU 16x C13 16A EN60309 3m

Excel IPLite range of PDU’s are designed and manufactured in the UK to provide a cost effective local and remote power monitoring solution. 4 options are available in both vertical mounting and 19″ horizontal mounting variants. The vertical PDU’s feature flexible mounting brackets allowing fixing points front, rear, LHS or RHS. Both 16A and 32A versions available with both C13 and C19 sockets according to the table below. All units are slimline (except the 2U version), being only 44.5mm wide. All units are constructed with Neutrik input connectors and separate mains leads to provide flexibility. The PDU’s can act alone or as slaves or master units allowing monitoring of multiple units from one IP address. Measurement accuracy is of billing quality. Every unit features a range of ports providing flexible connectivity: Ethernet port, 2 MODBUS ports for daisy ‐ chaining of units, Humidity sensor port, Temperature sensor port allowing up to 8 sensors, LCD port for connection of a remote monitor.

  • Mounting direction: Vertical
  • Electrical connection: Connecting cord with plug
  • Type of electric plug connection: 16 Amp - EN6039 Style (BS4343)
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Number of C13 socket outlets: 16
  • Rack units: 0U

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